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Beauty Within the Process

October 30, 2016


"Enjoy the journey." These three words could mean so many different things, depending on who you are. Depending on where you are. As for me? Well, right now I am thinking to myself, maybe I could just write a how-to manual for a “dread the journey” blog…

So much of what I am currently learning about in regards to the process is how much I resist the process. I want powerful, painless, and swift results. I want the God who splits seas and moves mountains at the sound of his voice, not so much the God who leads people into the wilderness on a slow exodus of mystery and heartache. Ultimately, I find myself wanting His power and not His process, and forgetting all the while that one does not exist without the other nearby.


To put it simply, I am starting to see that this side of heaven is like a cross country road trip with my dearest friend more than it is a solo plane fight to a faraway destination. It is a trip that involves so many twists and turns, boring towns, bumpy back roads and bad weather. But it is also equally as much a trip with views that will knock the breath out of you, songs that will make you feel alive and treasured hole-in-the-wall restaurants that will keep you full for a day. And sure, a plane flight would have been far more convenient, but I would have missed out on the story and the biggest gift of the slow journey— the relationship formed with my Friend in the meantime.


If we could even dare to grasp the thought that God enjoys our company in the middle, in the struggle, and in the mundane, we may become a changed people. Our mountaintop experiences make us no more worthy of His company than our pit stops. His love shows no partiality to which part of the trip we find ourselves on. He Himself is the Beginning and the End. He Himself is Everything In Between.


So, rest easy, brothers and sisters. He is with you wherever you are, enjoying who you are. And he will guide you home.


You are free to ride in the passenger seat and enjoy the process.

“There has never been the slightest doubt in my mind that the God who started this great work in you would keep at it and bring it to a flourishing finish on the very day Christ Jesus appears.” Phil 1:6, MSG 




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