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Life's A Journey

August 7, 2016

I've never really blogged about anything before but I want to use this page to help further explain my heart and vision behind this company, why it exists and where I hope it goes in the future. 


Here goes nothing.


"Enjoy the Journey".


I love the idea of 'enjoying the journey' because it causes us to stop and embrace life in the moment. I recognize that it's not always the easiest lifestyle to embrace, because life can be tough.  

In today's society however, there is a continual trend towards the satisfaction and progression of 'self'.  With that tendency in mind, we put on Seabiscuit blinders and begin to focus only on getting where we're going regardless of the cost.  I've had countless conversations with people who have become so consumed with the idea that when they reach a certain milestone in their lives, all will be perfect and all of life will just somehow work out beautifully with no complications.  They feel that until that milestone is reached, there can be no possible way for happiness or enjoyment of life.  What a tragedy!


Now don't get me wrong.  Having goals is never a bad thing. In fact, goals are healthy and needed.  But I think we miss out on a lot of life’s experiences when we are so focused on reaching the destination and not enjoying the journey along the way.  Some of the most beautiful things in life are experienced when we stop to take a look around and notice our surroundings.  It’s in those moments of looking around and noticing what is happening, that we can experience the fullness of life.  We have finally gotten the focus off of ourselves and onto the beauty of God’s surroundings.    


I believe we were meant to live this life in fullness of joy and with a Divine purpose.  That's what makes life so beautiful!  Every one of us has a story to tell. Every one of us is on his or her own unique journey. Your journey is your story!  People need to hear your story.  It makes me sad when people think they have nothing to offer in this world. If you're a person who feels that way then I'm glad you somehow found this blog page.  You were created for a purpose. Your life has meaning. You were fearfully and wonderfully made. Your story is unique to you, embrace it!  Run with it!  Share it with others!  Make this life one that leaves a legacy for those following in your footsteps after you've gone.


That's why 'Enjoy the Journey' Apparel exists. We are more than just some cool and comfortable tee's. Enjoying the journey is a lifestyle.  Our hope is that when you wear any of the 'Enjoy the Journey' clothing you feel empowered to embrace who you truly are and 'enjoy your journey' as you set out to your final destination, wherever that may be.


Our goal moving forward is quite simple and it's to spread that message to anyone who is willing to lend us a listening ear. We're just some normal, southern Louisianan 20-somethings who live this life with hope, joy and love and we would love to be able to share our story with y'all!


Love you guys!



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