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Take Your Sweet Time

August 15, 2016
































"Enjoy the Journey".


A phrase that rolls off of the tongue so easily, but can be so hard to actually do.

In my short time of living, one thing I’ve known to be true is that time is sweet and is something you can never get back. It’s a treasure that can be so easily wasted when we get stuck in a routine, or when we become so focused on the end game that precious little moments slip through the cracks.


There are those times where it isn't that we forget to enjoy the moment, but that the moment is so uncomfortable and not enjoyable that we'd rather speed through it. But we need to savor these moments.



Life can be a struggle! It will forever be busy, can be a bit overwhelming at times, and you can get lost in the routine of life. Things happen. Bad days, broken hearts, lost loved ones, etc. But in each occurrence, there is a lesson. Lessons that chisel your character, soften your heart, and strengthen your back prepare you for the next burden or challenge. I believe that to truly 'Enjoy the Journey', we must soak in EVERY moment; even the moments that aren’t so sweet. 


Like a lump of clay in the Master's hand, we are being beaten on every side, stripped of excess and junk. But with time and the right amount of heat and pressure, we come out as beautiful vessels. 


Every part of the process from the clay to vessel is necessary in order to obtain a functional product that won’t crack or break when time or pressure is added. The most beautiful people I’ve ever met are the ones who have transcended the most unbelievably crazy situations. Everyone struggles from time to time, but you have to work to overcome and persevere in order to reach the finish line. 


A runner doesn’t just run a race and win. The time spent persevering, training, overcoming injuries and obstacles all while keeping the goal in mind is what makes the victory so sweet.

The journey is the best part of the destination. Enjoy it!

Chill. You got this!



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