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Starting the Journey

August 29, 2016


Can enjoying the journey start by focusing on where we are today first? I believe we need to revive the importance of journeying well with those near us before we charge off to battle the unknown. I think our generation drifts without a real objective because we have been cut off from the things vital for the human experience to be truly fulfilling- embracing faith, identifying with our local community, and family. 


Learn who you were born to be. Intentionally walk the streets that molded you. Track down and reconnect with the family that poured everything into you. Seek out the God who gave you the "time and place" He gave you. He placed you where you find yourself so that you could find Him. Know these things because this is who you really were created to be. Be grateful for your local community. Work to preserve it and make it a place from which those who come after you can benefit. 


Once you have done this, you are equipped to go. Go fiercely yet humbly. Be glad to tell those you meet about all the things that you have lived and cherished back home. Ask others to share the same with you. I would never appreciate sliding around on a glacier, canyoning in the Alps, or hiking the Rockies nearly as well if I hadn't squeezed every possible angle I could out of my city. I carry that with me when I meet someone from elsewhere. I hope they never forget my community, even if they never visit, because they met all of my people when they met me.  


I'm not an accountant. I'm not a drifter. I'm not a millennial. I am a battler. I am part of the story handed down from those before me to be handed down to those who will inherit the earth generations from now. I am endlessly optimistic and I fight till the end. I believe for the best and prepare for the worst. I love my family and friends and will be loyal to the death. How did I become these? The answer is my Faith, family, and what I have learned from the story of my local community.  Commit yourself to The Lord. Love where you are from or where you are currently. Embrace your family. Then, go.

Enjoy the journey, y'all.




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