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The Journey of Choices

November 7, 2016


What does it mean to “Enjoy the Journey”? I find so much comfort in the daily rituals that make up my life. I crave adventure, but I also crave rest equally intensely. So when I sat down to really dig in and discover what it meant for me to enjoy the journey, I kept coming back to all of the mini journeys I’ve been on. I kept coming back to the twists in the road and the choices that I’ve made along the way. This has been a journey of choices, one that has taught me so much about grace and beauty. It has taught me about God and his faithfulness; about loving others well, and about letting myself be loved well in return.


About a year ago, I jumped from a cliff. I said goodbye to all that made me feel safe and made the choice to step out of my comfort zone. Somewhere deep in my gut, I knew it was the right thing to do. I knew that this opportunity was too important to pass up, and I think I even knew that this choice would impact my life tremendously. If you had asked me then what I thought this feeling was, I would have told you it was my intuition. But looking back now I can see how wrong I was. The urge to say yes to this adventure was not my own doing, but rather a divine act. Regardless of what I believed at the time, I leapt with faith into the unknown.


Upon arriving in Atlanta I chose to start going to church, but only because I thought that this would be a great place to find a community that welcomed me, because that’s what I needed so desperately. I had ideas about God and what Christianity was, but I truly believed that I could live a good life and be a good person without all of the rules of religion. I had operated out of independence for so long that my mind couldn’t accept that I needed anyone else.


Ultimately, it was because of this church and the people that I met there that I started asking questions. At first I wanted justification for my choices. I wanted an A+ report card for the way my life was unfolding, but I’ve come to know that these weren’t my decisions to take credit for. God put these mini journeys in my path, knowing I would choose the direction that lead to him.


And so, while he created us as free agents and people with free will, he gently leads us along the way. Now, I choose God and while in a sense, my choices are still my own, I recognize that each choice, each decision, each mini-journey was orchestrated by a God who knew me way before I knew to choose him. So I choose to celebrate in the day-to-day because it’s the bus rides to work, the coffee shop around the corner, and the messy dishes in a friend’s kitchen after dinner that make me feel alive. I thank Jesus for these journeys, the good and the bad, because they’ve brought me here. They’ve shaped me into who I am today and who I’ll become tomorrow – the person He’s known I would be all along. 



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