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In The Moment

September 12, 2016


We’ve all had those moments when it feels like time stands still. When we feel most alive. And as quickly as the moment comes, it’s gone again.


We all desire to live in the present moment and to live life to the fullest. But we acknowledge the complexity of this goal because we live in a fallen world full of pain, trials, and striving. So we hurry up to slow down. We strive towards the next big goal whether it’s an adventure, marriage, a job accomplishment, or having children so that when we get there we can experience that fleeting moment of serenity. Let me ask you a question: where are you really going in such a hurry? The end result is death.


There’s a way in which all of life can be fully experienced and not just accomplished. “…And this is the secret: Christ lives in you…” (Colossians 1:27).


Try as we might we will never be able to teach ourselves to live in the moment. No amount of training our minds, our wills, or our emotions will keep us in the present tense. God knows this, but He desires for our one chance at life on Earth to be fully experienced and fully enjoyed. So, He sent His Son in human form to do what those men born of Adam couldn’t do.

This includes Enjoying the Journey!


So I want to encourage you. Stop striving for the next adventure. Stop looking for the next big break. That moment of peace that passes all understanding can be found in daily living. It’s in the simple task of mowing the yard. It’s in the long nights of working on that big report. It’s the life of Jesus, and it’s Him and Him alone that can live life to the fullest… because He is life itself!



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