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The Journey Within

September 20, 2016



Journey (noun)

·       a traveling from one place to another, usually taking a rather longtime

·       a distance, course, or area traveled or suitable for traveling

·       a period of travel

·       passage or progress from one stage to another


The definition of a journey is going from one place to another. When most people think of a journey, they imagine someone with a backpack going somewhere exotic and coming back with a bunch of pictures to show and stories to tell. This isn’t always the case. Some journeys happen within. These journeys aren’t as glamorous or exciting though. To be honest, most of the time, they suck! I mean who wants to go on a 4 day/3night “stay in your past regrets and insecurities” adventure? Not this guy! But they are vital for growth and actually help you to enjoy the rest of life’s journeys.


So how do you enjoy the journeys within?


First, you have to accept that you need to go on an internal journey. It isn’t easy to get to this point, but it is a must if you want to grow and become a better you. What if we viewed these journeys like booking a trip to a destination on our bucket list? “Hey bro, just booked a train ticket traveling from my prideful nature to selflessness. So stoked!”


Next, you have to realize that you can’t embark on these journeys alone. Just like any road trip or backpacking adventure, it’s the people you do them with that make them memorable. They will also be the ones to help you reach your destination when things get tough. “That last stretch of going from lack of self worth to having full confidence of my identity was rough, but thanks for helping me push forward because the view at the top was sick!” So, invite people to go along with you. 


Lastly, make sure to document your journey. When you go on a trip you take tons of pictures and come back with a million stories. The same should be true for a journey within. Write down your progress. Write down the good times and tough times. Write down what you learned about yourself in those situations. You will want to go back later to see how far you’ve come. “Oh and here’s a time when I realized that I can be a leader. That was the best day of the trip.”


Come to the realization that a journey within yourself is a needed and good thing, don't do it alone and document your progress from one step to the next.  I encourage you to take some journeys within yourself soon. I know they can seem out of your reach and/or not enjoyable, but I promise you they are worth it. 


Journey on my friends.


Much love.




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