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Each Season Is a Gift

November 20, 2016

The saying “Let Go and Let God” has always been a struggle for me.  My type A personality likes to know the outcome before something even really begins.  I like answers.  I want to know.  And sooner is better than later.  Why did this happen?  Why am I going through this?  God, what are you doing?


Currently for me, enjoying the journey is seeing the season God has me in and being fully present in it.  It’s been changing my mindset to realize and truly believe that The Lord’s goodness and faithfulness has led me to the season I am in today even if I don’t like it.  To be thankful that He is graciously allowing me to walk through certain trials.  Challenging?  Absolutely.     


Before the summer began God started walking me through a season that I did not want to walk through. I actually pleaded with Him at times to spare me.  Little did I know all that He had in store for me that my eyes would not have been opened to before this journey began.  Although I still questioned ‘Why?’, my perspective changed, enabling me to see the beauty in God allowing me to enter into this season and every other season of life.  It is not a punishment – it is something so much bigger than myself.  Had I not entered into this season, I know I would have missed new friendships, adventures, and growth in my life.  Specifically, personal and spiritual growth that I had been wanting to see in myself but was too comfortable to step out in faith.  I knew in my head that along the way I was experiencing God's blessings in the midst of pain, but this lesson resonated in my heart when I listened to a podcast by Timothy Ateek titled, "When Life is Disappointing".


The podcast talks about the times in life when our dreams and reality go in two totally different directions and leaves you in a season of disappointment.  These were my three big takeaways from the message:


· God never promises to stop the storms in life, but He does promise to sustain us in the midst of the storms.


· Just because you can’t see God doing something, it doesn’t mean He’s not doing something.


· God cares deeply about your joy.


What do you choose to do when you feel like things are crashing down?  Do you run?  Do you sulk because it’s not how you wanted or had envisioned?  Or do you face the fire?  When He brings you to a place and you don't know where to turn next...just wait.  Rest in Him.  It is up to us as to how we choose to respond to our seasons in life.  Colossians 1:17 states, "He is beforeall things, and in Him all things hold together."  He has already gone before us.  He has already made a way.  Things don't happen because the wind blew the right or wrong way that day.  Our lives are perfectly orchestrated for a greater purpose, and the One orchestrating is far from surprised.  His plan for us is far better than anything we could ever envision for ourselves.  Our God is a god of order, and His plan is beautiful and perfect.  Step into each season with all you have, and walk through it so God can mold you into someone you never thought you could be and take you places you never thought you would go.

I would say a lot of seasons in life come unexpectedly.  At least they have for me.  This season has been the hard push I needed but didn’t necessarily want or feel ready for.  If I had known what was coming, I totally would have run.  So when The Lord starts to bring you through something, trust Him.  Be there, and be in each moment.  He is leading you to a place that can only be good for you, and He will not leave you there.  He will bring you through, and you will discover His wonder all along the way.  If you have a chance, listen to “Make a Way” by I Am They.


I am not promising each season will be fun or easy.  Just as I thought I was over the hump of this specific journey, I discovered I wasn’t.  It was the most frustrating and defeating thing to feel when I thought I had started to wade in shallow waters but realized I was still chest deep fighting with everything I had.  In the midst of sharing through a ton of tears to a friend, I had to remind myself of this very blog I had already begun to write -- each season is a gift.  God wants me right here in utter confusion and vulnerability only to discover Him more…His love, His grace, His compassion, and His truth. 


“Even in the midst of disappointment, God is with you.  He is fighting for you. He is sustaining you.  He is leading you.  He is crying with you.  And He is working all things for good on behalf of you.”  - Timothy Ateek


Each season is a gift, so enjoy the journey!



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