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Our Joyful Struggle

October 24, 2016

The night sky is beautiful.

But what makes us think this is so?

It is not the darkness

For in total darkness we cannot see

We get lost..


It is the dots of light that we love

Those dots of light that have always served to guide us

The many lights that overcome the darkness

Keeping us in awe


We fabricate our own lights

Those artificial lights that guide us on busy paths

Street lights to early morning work

Building lights offering commercial entertainment

These lights aren’t necessarily bad,

But too many and they drown out the beauty of the dots

The dots of Life


Thank God for the Sunrise!

The Light that overcomes all

The Light that wakes us..

Pulling every human, every animal, every being

Out of solitude to interact


How the birds sing when this happens

The Light that gives life to the plants

The plants that then give us our breath

Can’t we sit and enjoy it for now?

It will be gone soon


The Light will fall in a beautiful display

Off to touch the other side of existence

Continually supplying..


We watch as it goes

How beautiful is its departure

We stare in awe and give thanks

Thanks not for the Light, but for what it brings

But is what we give thanks for possible without the Light..

Without the continuing cycle it provides?


I hope it knows we are grateful

It disappears and we are once again in awe

Loving the spots among the darkness


We know they will die eventually

Providing new life to the Universe

Many have already died

But somehow we still see

Their Light, always guiding


Take a moment to give thanks

The artificial lights are calling

Calling you into the deep darkness

Where lights drown out the Lights

And life drowns out the LIFE


But do not be afraid

The Sun is coming again!

He is actually always there

Waiting to rise and overtake you

To give all Life


May we share this LIFE.


Our minds will never fully comprehend the journey of existence, but when we completely let go, give in, and trust, we have moments when a joy so overwhelming envelops us it forces us to share. It might not always be joy. Maybe it’s comfort. Many times it is strongest when we are weak. However it graces us, this gift we’ve received ends up flowing out to others. It is too great to be contained. Sometimes it’s as simple as reaching for a pen to write. We might even find ourselves stanza-ing for the first time in order to pass thoughts for a poem.


I can’t fully describe this feeling when it happens and I’m perfectly fine with that because the joy writes, speaks, and displays for itself. No matter how much I struggle to explain it, as long as I am vulnerable I can trust that the God in me will reach the God in the one I share with, bonding us within an eternal process of renewing Love. To me, enjoying the journey includes sharing our struggle within the joy.


“I could ask the darkness to hide me or the light around me to turn into night, but even the darkness is not dark for you, and the night is as bright as the day. Darkness and light are the same to you” -Psalm 139:11-12

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