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Why You Shouldn't Chase Comfort

May 23, 2017


I’m in a plane on my way to Vietnam. I’m just high enough where I have a full view of the city grid and winding roads, yet I can't decipher the snow atop the Rockies from the clouds. And as I ponder how I ended up on a flight landing me across the globe for the next five weeks, I realize it was the hardest journey of my life that brought me here—and I smile.


A year ago today I was sitting in my newly acquired office surrounded by unfamiliar faces that quickly grew to resemble family. I gladly uprooted my life to accept a content editor position in a new state where I knew no one. The opportunity was a far-fetched dream come true until it wasn’t.


That job came to an abrupt end almost as quickly as it started. I wondered why God brought me there only to leave me questioning my giftings and dealing with a broken spirit. So many loved ones in Louisiana told me to pack up my car and head home. That would have been nice, no doubt! But I knew God didn’t actually leave me hanging, though that’s how it felt. I couldn’t chase comfort just because the job I thought I was in Colorado for ended up being more of the bait than the reason. 


So I stuck around. I fought off all the lies in my head—the ones that said I had no voice, I wasn’t good enough, and I was wasting my time in a place where I wasn’t known. I chose instead to build the strongest community, I landed a new job, and here I am being sent to Vietnam for work. If you know me, you know I’m not even for a second bummed that I get to travel internationally as part of my job.


As I sit on this flight with a tiny glimpse of God’s perspective, I think back on the sleepless nights spent asking why He brought me to Colorado. I think about the long days sitting at my post-dream-job desk wondering if this nine-to-five could ever feel like an adventure. I think about how navigating that broken spirit felt like a winding road of which I would never see the end.


I know His far better plan is all mapped out. And although I can’t see it as clearly as that city grid below, I can see the One who holds my path in a way I’ve never seen Him before. And that’s what my journey is all about—getting to know Him in every way possible until I see Him face to face. It’s not always comfortable, but it’s in discovering more of Him that I continue to find my why, my adventure of a lifetime, and my endless joy.




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