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What is Truth?

June 5, 2017



We live in a world dominated by moral relativism, that is, a world that says there is no such thing as absolute truth. Society has decided that we will make our own truth. In other words, we as humans are our own sources of truth. However, we as humans fatally fail at being sources for truth. Following this model, what is true or right for me may not be true or right for you, and this simply cannot be. Is there or is there not one truth? We all find ourselves on a journey, searching for truth.


Unfortunately, we as Christians can be blamed for this inconsistency. For centuries what is true for the Christian has been shoved down the throats of society and culture with our only proof: “because the Bible says so.” This has been our best answer, and this answer has failed us. Christians have taken a backseat on their own journeys and have failed to personally discover why they believe what they believe. If Christians cannot explain or explore the depths of theology that society questions, how can we expect others to follow? While many disagree on what is absolute truth, all believe that some things are inherently right and others inherently wrong. Walking up to a baby and blowing its brains out for no reason has to be wrong, right? A line has definitely been crossed, right? Well that depends on who draws the line. Is it Hitler or is it Mother Theresa?


As a Christian I have an objective source, Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is my starting reference point from which all truth derives. He draws an immovable line in the sand. Contrary to popular belief being a Christian is not about following rules. It is about a relationship, and I have a relationship that is grounded in love. My journey has always been understanding what this really means and why it is the most freeing thing in the world. Christ loved us so much, and sacrificed his divinity to live among us. He came down and served the humans that were the lowest of the low. He did all of this so that I might trust him. As I have studied the life of Christ, my heart transforms from having to follow rules to wanting to please him by following the rules. I know that he has my best interest at heart, and the rules in place are there to love and protect me. This is the journey for truth.


Furthermore, His life not only shows me that he is a reliable objective source of truth, but it also makes me want to follow him as the highest level of truth. His life of humility draws my heart closer to him and inspires a trust in Him that is unparalleled. Not only do I fully believe that Christ draws an immovable line in the sand from which to distinguish what is right and wrong, but I also trust that the line is there because it is the best possible thing for me.


In closing, Dr. Vince Vitale out of Oxford University states, “Jesus makes truth personal, and therefore loveable in the very deepest sense. In Christianity alone, truth is a person who is inviting every other person into a love relationship... Jesus says you can trust the truth because truth itself will be the one to take your hand, and stay by your side, and ride with you.”

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