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The Hues of our Journey

June 19, 2017


This journey is a string of skillfully threaded moments. Moments full of hope. Moments full of questions. Moments of gut-punching grief. Moments of effortless love. 


Like a multi-colored roll of thread, the hues of our journey change. We're pulled in and out of comfort, looped in and out of understanding, all the while finding peace in the truth that His hand is the force moving us along.


As time persists and as inevitable troubles come, we may be tempted to recoil in large knots, to refuse to be pulled any farther along. We may sit in a season that mirrors a gray scale, and we may think it's best to just stop pressing on before things get any darker. 


But our journey is a string of skillfully threaded colors. We will experience the whole spectrum. We will dabble in colors we never knew existed. We will thread through people and places our minds never conceived. 


As quickly as the gray colors fade in, the pops of orange burst forth. Oftentimes along the journey, we think that tying ourselves up and holding our pain or frustrations in will result in healing. 


But unless we allow the Father to unravel us, we will never experience any colors beyond what we already know. We can't camp out in the gray places where we chose to recoil. We have to let go and press on until we press through the next layer of fabric. 


We must allow His love to unravel our inner being. We must allow His love to pull us forward. As we resist resisting and heed to His gentle pulling, the colors will begin to change. The shades will increase in depth. The hues will glow like never before. 


This moment you're in has been skillfully threaded together. The colors you see have been intentionally crafted. Enjoy the journey. It's the only one you get. 



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