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Give It Away

July 17, 2017


You know you are enjoying the journey when the journey ceases to be about you.


Enjoyment of something only comes when that thing gets and you give. From something as commonplace as enjoying a nectar cream snowball on a hot Louisiana's summer’s day to something as exceptional as enjoying the companionship of another. Enjoyment at its essence can only be found when that thing gets and you give. You give away and it gets: attention, affection, acclaim, etc...


Back to our nectar cream snowball...


Yes, it receives your full attention, especially in the fifteen minutes it takes to spoon it into your mouth before summer’s heat turns it into a cold drink. 


Yes, you give it your affection; maybe you even audibly communicate your love for it as you savor its sweetness. 


Yes, you most probably even snap a quick pic and give it acclaim as you post it for the world to see. 


But, in giving all of that, you get something in return. The rare jewel of enjoyment. Thus, enjoying the journey is not a zero-sum game. 


So, in snowballs or companionship or any other journey in life, the secret to enjoying it is to give it away. Give away all the attention, affection and acclaim that you can. And as the journey ceases to be about you, you will find enjoyment is not as rare of a jewel as it once seemed to be. 




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