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Not Forsaking the Here

November 20, 2017


How exciting is the thought of a “journey”? The dreaming, the prepping, the gathering, the collaborating, the packing. Where should we go? What should we do? How long should we stay? What should we eat?


That’s usually the same feeling I get with each fresh transition of life. I just recently moved to a new city and all the excitement and nervous anticipation for explorable things came with me. Where should I work? Who will I hang out with? How many different Mexican restaurants can I try in a week? THE OPTIONS ARE ENDLESS.


But just like with a planned adventure, the excitement of the 17 hour road-trip starts to wear off and all the music starts to sound the same and none of the snacks you brought are appealing to your appetite and people start to ask, “How much farther?…..Are we there yet?” It’s inevitable. We were designed for destination. It’s not a bad thing to want to be “there.” But if I forsake my “here” I will never truly get to the “there” my heart is after. 


As my life has started to find a rhythm here in Nashville, I have started to ask God “How much farther?” “When am I going to get to where I really want to be?” “Thank you for this job, but how much longer until I am doing what I REALLY want to do and feel fulfilled in?” And as per usual, God’s responses to me are never really what I expect them to be nor what I asked for, thank you very much.


But this is what He spoke to my “why am I here?” questions: “It’s about becoming. That’s the purpose. I will do whatever I have to and place you wherever I need to make you become who I intended for you to be - if you want it. This is part of your journey of becoming.”


Maybe my job isn’t going to launch me into the career I always wanted. But it’s teaching me and challenging me in ways I need and might not have chosen. Maybe this city isn’t where I’m going to live out the rest of my days. But there are things here that I need to experience to be shaped and molded into wholeness. Maybe I will meet and marry the man of my dreams here, maybe I won’t. But the Lord has plans for me bigger than the ones I always had for myself. To look back five years, I realize that I have gone and done things I never would have planned back then or even dreamed of, but I truly wouldn’t trade a thing. So again and again, I am learning to trust the journey. And with trust comes a whole lot of peace and joy. 


I’m pretty sure that when God said He was the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end, He didn’t mean JUST the beginning and the end. He meant the whole thing, the steady, the mundane, the “why am I here and not there?” moments too. So let’s journey in joy and say “cheers” to the one who designed the path.



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