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New Beginnings & Expectation

January 22, 2018


We are already three weeks into the new year and like many new beginnings it is a chance for a fresh start. A clean slate with which to paint a beautiful picture creating an image that captures all of the hopes and dreams we have in our hearts that we hope to fulfill during the course of the next 12 months.


I love fresh starts and new beginnings. Fresh starts spark new purpose, desires for improvement, de-cluttering the clutter and even inspiration. Inspiration to dream! To dream of what could be. To view life outside of the confines of what society tells us that we are limited too. To be free. Free to explore places not yet traveled, experience cultures you never even dreamed of…or, perhaps something simpler…to be free in your own skin without worrying what those around you are saying or thinking about you. Freedom to be who you were created to be. A life filled with meaning and purpose. A life that matters to someone or something. Freedom to allow yourself to be loved and cared for like you belong. Freedom to be vulnerable in the midst of failures and frustrations, yet still feel like you have a place at the table.


Is all of this even possible? Can a fresh start or a new year really bring with it an opportunity to live a life of freedom? Some would say yes. Some would say no. Some would probably say that they are unsure. Me, I’m all in on freedom! I’m a dreamer! My dreams create a sense of hope and purpose for something so much greater. I have walked into this new year differently than I have walked into new years in the past…with a heart of expectation ready to receive what the Lord has for me. I believe my 2018 will be marked by God’s goodness and sovereignty. Psalms 37 tells us that when we delight in His way we will be in God’s will and that our steps will be ordered. My 2018 will be marked by joy and delight in God. For in my joy and in my delight in Him, there is freedom! Freedom to receive. Freedom to rest. Freedom to have hope. Freedom to have faith. Freedom from worry. Freedom from fear. Freedom for freedom’s sake. Wow, how beautiful!


I want to pray a blessing over everyone reading along. Whether you know Christ or not, I want you to know that I am here thinking of you and praying for you. If you’ll follow along with me on this journey this year, I promise you that in December when we look back on everything that has happened this year we will look back in awe at everything the Lord had his hand upon in our lives. But, we gotta go all in.  I’m all in! Legggggoooooo!


Father, thank you! Thank you for new beginnings. For fresh starts. I lift up to you everyone who is reading along with me right now. Father, let this prayer be their prayer for this year. God, I pray that 2018 will be marked with blessing and favor! I pray that this year is a year of expectancy. I pray that you reveal yourself in ways we have never experienced before. Lord, I pray for life change. For hearts to be transformed. For eyes to be opened to see you. For ears to hear you. God, I pray that your Holy Spirit lead us in everything that we do. I pray for obedience and for patience. Obedience to follow where the Spirit leads and patience to wait for His leading. Lord, I pray for boldness and for courage. Boldness to go where you lead and courage to face the unknown without fear. Father, you have given us a spirit of power, love and a sound mind. Help us to rest in your presence for in your presence is fullness of joy. Lord, we enter into 2018 with hearts of expectation ready to receive from you. Thank you for who you are and the sacrifice that was made for us. We love you and pray all of this in your name, amen.


Y’all keep me updated on your lives. Message me, on Instagram or via email (etjapparel@gmail.com), with hopes and dreams you are believing to come true for this year. I would love to join in on believing with you! Much love. Cheers.



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